Wildpix Travel; Nature photo tours with respect for nature


Wildpix is an initiative of two absolute nature lovers who look first to the welfare of the animals and their environment and then think of the pictures. Therefore, you will find no traveling with us which we even have any doubt about ecological approach and respect for nature.


Wildpix Travel; Vultures

Unique concept; individual tours

We work mainly with a unique individual concept which really has only advantages. We organize your next trip to perfection but do not go along to accompany you. We leave that to our highly skilled colleagues locally. Nothing better than going with someone on the road who knows the region and the opportunities like no other. You can go whenever you want, do our travel and supervision costs no pay, and benefits from the constantly adapted to current events and travel programs. Some other tours are guided tours, this often is because the popular areas have restricted access.


Wildpix Travel; White tailed eagle & Jackal

With whom I travel?

Because our individual concept you decide with whom you are traveling. Nothing more annoying when someone in a caravan where you do not click it. After all, you shoot it up with people you know. In principle, we do not add people together; certainly not without prior consultation and agreement.


Wildpix Travel; Black grouse


To destinations no shortage in specialists wildpix Travel. We focus on unique locations that are located in countries such as Germany, Sweden, Romania, Spain, Poland and also own pictures cabins have bird paradise Hungary.

What do you think of touts and colorful bee-eaters, rivaling jackals and eagles, golden eagles and grouse, bears and rare Iberian lynx, bearded vultures and griffon vultures, courting big steps. It is too much to mention so best to visit our website with beautiful pictures and all necessary information.

Nature photography with heart for nature can be found at wildpix Travel nature photographers Han Bouwmeester and Martin Steenhaut.

Wildpix Travel; nature travel with respect for nature.

Visit our website at www.wildpixtravel.com



Wildpix Travel; Iberian Lynx