Ingrid Vekemans Photo Safaris


A photo safari to Africa with Ingrid Vekemans – Unbeatable conditions!

When comparing the detailed information of all photo safaris on offer, you will notice that traveling with Ingrid Vekemans offers following combined advantages:

Ultimate wildlife experience

– Ingrid has been traveling to Africa to photograph wildlife for over 20 years. She feels at home there, also with the local customs, knows the parks by heart, including the best located and most interesting accommodations for the ultimate wildlife experience. She knows a lot about the animals and their behaviour and about how and when best to photograph them.


Complete focus on wildlife photography

– when comparing the trip duration, you will notice that a 10 day trip with Ingrid means 10 days on the spot. Extra days necessary for traveling to the destination and for flying back home, are not included in these 10 days. Moreover the days spent on location are real safari days, with complete focus on wildlife photography.


Ingrid Vekemans Photo Safaris

Flexible photography

– the safaris are organised in the time of year when spotting and photographing wildlife is most rewarding.

– you are traveling in a small group of maximum 7 participants, split over 2 vehicles, suitable for 8 people each. This means a maximum of 4 participants per vehicle, which allows for a lot of space for the photographic equipment and flexible photography on all sides of the vehicle.


Ingrid Vekemans Photo Safaris

Totally new experience!

– with Ingrid you don’t travel all around the country in order to include as many places as possible. This would mean that you would lose a lot of time traveling (hence lots of photography time) and a less intense experience. Ingrid chooses a few parks that are close together so as to minimize travel time and maximize time for photography. This is much more enjoyable and productive…because in Africa you don’t have to travel for miles: every day in an African nature reserve offers a totally new experience!


Ingrid Vekemans Photo Safaris

– accommodation is in comfortable to luxury camps and lodges with private bathroom, so you don’t have to share shower or toilet with others and everybody can be ready for the morning game drive on time.


Ingrid Vekemans Photo Safaris

– partners are welcome! If your partner doesn’t always want to join the photographers, there is always something to see in the camp or lodge or one can just have a rest.

– 100% satisfaction from previous participants

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