Photo of the day #1

Today, we at Nature Photo Portal, start with the “Photo of the day” to feature a nature photographer and his or her work to inspire others. Every day we, the editors of Nature Photo Portal, pick one photo to show and share with our community. Want to share yours? Send your photo in 1920 x 1280 pixels and add some information how you made the photo, technical info and why this photo is one of your favorites. maybe you’re our next featured photographer on NPP! Mail your photo to “Photo of the day”

Lunar Eclipse Sequence

-Lunar Eclipse Sequence – is Nando’s most popular photo ever. It’s one landscape photo (ISO1600 – f/2,8 – 20sec – 15mm) and a hole sequence made with a 400 mm. Then he stitched the frames together. The so called “Blood moon” was one of the most spectacular sightings in astro photography this year (28-9-2015).

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