The company Noctua Nature Hides is situated in the north east part of The Netherlands, close to Germany.

We are Cees Uri and Hans Menop and together we’re Noctua Nature Hides; a specialized company for hide rent to make your dream shots come true.

Hans is besides professional photographer also farmer with his cow farm with a huge piece of natural land.

On that land and at the farm they created a nature photographers paradise with species as Little owl, Barn owl, Kingfisher, Kestrel, Common bussard and more.

They improve all the time and now you can photograph Barn owls with additional light. The owls are used to it and sit and feed within 10 meters from the hide. Some times they are so close that focussing is almost impossible.

Within a few months it’s possible to photograph the Barn owls with infra-red camera traps so you can make superb flight images of the owls. 

Noctua Nature Hides