Biography Ronald Hofmeester



for that decisive moment

that might have been long gone

or perhaps will never be


the patient time

takes me back

to the core of my initial inspiration

deep within


closer to my passion

dreams will not be thwarted

the most wonderful images

reflect the spirit of my inner self


Yours truly, Ronald Hofmeester



dreamer, doubter, poet, illusionist, idealist, relativist, philosopher, teacher, romanticist,

lover, companion, father, friend, mirror, echo, but above all a passionate human being.


Born (1958) and raised in Amsterdam. Now for decades living in the small city of Muiden. His “backyard” is nowadays the most important area for his photography. His motto is: “seeing the art in nature, living a life full of wonder”. So he tries to capture the poetry of nature in his images. Especially close to home because to see the beauty of nature you don’t have to travel far!

His work is represented by photo agent Nature in Stock


Macro_photography-Nature_Photo_Portal-Ronald_Hofmeesterthe-blues  Macro_photography-Nature_Photo_Portal-Ronald_Hofmeester-ink


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