Biography Niklas Virsén

My name is Niklas Virsén, born in 1982. I’m a photographer from the oak landscapes in Östergötland, Sweden. Here and in other natural environments I create my nature photographs. My intrest for nature photography started when i was a student in Visby, a city on the island Gotland in Sweden. I then moved to Uppsala in Sweden where i started to photograph wildlife and landscapes in a more professional way.


Biography Niklas Virsén: A sense of explosion of the impression

A sense of explosion of the impression

My attitude to nature is that it is never objective, here is always something new to discover. I want my photographs to create a sense of explosion of the impression I get when I spend time in nature. I photograph both the large and the small landscape and I am always looking for animals and birds in the specific places I visit.

Reality and fantasy

I don’t see  my photos as documentary nature images. I use my camera to create a world between reality and fantasy. I use my creativity to create a world of exciting meetings, feelings and love for the Nordic wilderness. I photograph the nature around me where the oak landscape dominate the scenery. These places are also rich of mammals like roe deer, fallow deer, elk, badgers and foxes. I also like to travel when I photograph, for example to the Norwegian mountains but also in my own homeland.

Relaxing and spirituality

In the nature I find time for relaxing and spirituality. The trees, earth, sun, wind and water helps me to think straight. I need the nature as much as the nature needs me because of my work to create photographs that change peoples perspective on nature and raise environmental questions.

Wildlife and landscape photography is my main job, however, I also do photography assignments in other types of environments with a focus primarily to the environment and sustainable development. I also have courses in photography and post-processing as well as lecturing.

Biography Niklas Virsén

Biography Niklas Virsén: Relaxing and spirituality

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