Biography Mira Diels

Started in 1987

My name is Mira Diels (1967) and I’m born in Alkmaar but I’m living my whole live in a little village called Schoorl at the North coast of The Netherlands. My profession is druggist at the local drugstore. In 2007 my present husband Dick came to live with me and that was the moment that I discovered DSLR photography. I started photography in 1997 with one of the first digital camera’s, but things got serious when I met Dick. I then started with a Nikon DSLR camera and several lenses.

Silver-studded Blue (Plebeius argus) resting on Meadow Clary or Meadow Sage(Salvia pratensis)

Biography Mira Diels: started in 1987

Iceland as favorite

At the moment I’m photographing with the new micro four/third system of Olympus because its so much lighter than the DSLR equipment. My specialties are abstract and macro, but I also focuses on landscape, mammals and insects. Together with Dick, which is also a keen photographer, we travel mostly through Northern Europe, with Iceland as our both particular favorite.

Wildlife_Photography-Nature_Photo_Portal-MIra_Diels-Eurasian_Red _Squirrel_(Sciurus vulgaris)_-3

Biography Mira Diels: Iceland as favorite


Our images have appeared in several magazines, books, calendars and travel guides. Our work is currently sold through the photo agency Nature in Stock and on our own website  We also give workshops for beginning photographers and we make audiovisuals from our trips, which can be booked in the country.

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Biography Mira Diels: semi-professional

Enjoy nature

We are both members of the Dutch Nature Photographers Guild (NFG), the oldest nature-photo-society in The Netherlands. We hope that through our work you will enjoy nature as much as we do during our photography.

Biography Mira DielsNature_photography-Nature_Photo_Portal-Photographer_Mira_Diels_in_action-3



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