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Nature photographer

Mart’s interest in nature started for Mart Smit (1991) on an early age. His father Jan Smit, also nature photographer, tought him how to use a camera and together they often visited the fields. With all the technique he needed to know he created his own style and became succesfull in a few worldwide competitions as the Wildlife Photographer of The Year, Glanzlichter, Argus and also the title of International Wildbird photographer of the year 2008.

Together they started the company called ‘Smit in Beeld’ to organize workshops, presentations and to sell their images.

Biography Mart Smit "pictures should represent the atmosphere or story" on Nature Photo Portal, The Resource & Community for nature photographers

Biography Mart Smit “pictures should represent the atmosphere or story”

Natural subjects

When Mart  Smit became 16 years old he started to follow the study named ‘Eco and Wildlife’ to learn more about the natural subjects he would like to photograph. This continued in his next study ‘applied Biology’. In this way he is able to give his images more content. “Definitely not every picture has to be conservative ‘good sharp’ or ‘big in the frame’ so they are recognizable, but they have to be at least biologically true”. The pictures should represent the atmosphere or story he witnessed or wants to tell.

Most of the times Mart Smit is photographing in the neighbourhood like the beach or the dunes but a few times each year he goes abroad with his father for exclusive phototrips. Often the destination is somewhere in Scandinavia to search for the quietness, emptiness and the roughness or wilderness of these countries.

NVN Jeugdgroep

The photographic results of these trips are mostly used for presentations and articles. Together they also organize courses and workshops in The Netherlands and abroad. The workshops are divided over different photography levels and disciplines. Mart loves to share his passion with others. This is why he started a group for young nature photographers (NVN Jeugdgroep). “It works like a big inspiration to be in the field with several others with the same enthusiasm for nature. It also helps to get another vision on your own photography by looking at others”.

Biography Mart Smit "projects are a complete set of pictures with a story"on Nature Photo Portal, The Resource & Community for nature photographers

Biography Mart Smit “projects are a complete set of pictures with a story”


Mart prefers to work in projects. “When you focus on something, you will get more affinity with an area or subject and then it’s easier to get a complete set of pictures with a story”.  With his projects, Mart wants to create more awareness about natural beauties and their threats.

Mart is a member of the Nature Photo Portal Bloggers team

Furthermore his work is also represented by photo agent Nature in Stock  and he’s a tour guide for Nordic Vision.


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