Biography Mario Suarez

Asturias, Northern Spain

I am from Asturias, Northern Spain where I live and work as a primary school teacher; I try and imbue the kids with a love of nature. I have been into photography since I was 13 when my father gave me my first SLR and with the arrival of digital photography I started with bird photography, which is currently my passion.

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Biography Mario Suarez : traveller birds

Little traveller birds

I live close to the North Spanish coast which is really a good place for sea-shore birds and their migrations. I have spent many hours there for the last ten years and I have specialized in these amazing little traveller birds.

Nature photographer’s society

I have worked with nature magazines, newspapers and government publications and have participated in several exhibitions and also was lucky in some international Nature Photography contests. I am a member of AEFONA, SEO, COA and Greenpeace. But I´m particularly proud of being a founding member of AFONAS. The Nature photographer’s society of my county.

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Biography Mario Suarez : Passion Bird photography

Passion bird photography

As I said my passion is bird photography, and shows the beauty of birds. And there are many of those waiting for us to view. I try and capture unique moments, if it weren’t for the magic of photography these moments would go unnoticed.

Encourage respect

And what do I want to transmit? Well hopefully our work goes to raise awareness of the beauty that surrounds us, many times very close to home, and to encourage respect for mother Earth.

Bird photography Nature Photo Portal Mario Suarez

Biography Mario Suarez


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