Biography Marijn Heuts

Marijn Heuts (1977) is a freelance writer and photographer, whose main interest lies in nature & wildlife photography. Marijn started to take photography as a serious hobby in 2005, when he bought his first digital SLR body. Since the first few clicks, things have gone very fast: a hobby quickly turned into a passion and he tries to be out in the field as often as possible to enjoy the outdoors with his camera.

Nature photography is like a perfect trinity of virtues: creativity, piece of mind and a healthy workout in fresh air. His images and articles have been published in/on various websites, books, magazines and calendars. Marijn’s images have also won several awards in national and international nature photography competitons. These images can be seen by clicking on the ‘awards’ link in the menu.

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Biography Marijn Heuts: close to home

Close to home

Although he mainly concentrates on photographing the nature and wildlife close to his home near Eindhoven, Marijn has developed a strong love for the African continent. Marijn has travelled extensively through South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Kenya, Malawi and Zambia and takes every (sparse) opportunity to go back to this amazing wild place. Other countries he has visited in the past, thoroughly enjoyed and will certainly visit again are Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway and the UK islands. Marijn offers phototours to destinations in Africa and Scandinavia. If you want to join on one of these tours and want to learn as much as possible in a short time, see the link  to marijn’s website below this article..

Something about ethics

Most images (mainly of birds and mammals) are the result of long hours of observation and waiting in a hide. Patience truly is the wildlife photographer’s greatest virtue! Although inevitably the subjects of the photographs have noticed to some degree Marijn’s presence, no subjects have been harmed in the process of creating these photographs. When a subject shows signs of stress and/or abnormal behavior, it is time to back off and try another technique or go after a different subject at all.

Creative process

No photographs have been digitally manipulated, but because Marijn only shoots RAW images, it is mandatory that the usual processing steps in Adobe Photoshop are applied. This includes adjustments of levels, curves, sometimes a slight crop, saturation and sharpening. All these are applied in moderation to achieve a final result that reflects Marijn’s creative vision of the subject at the time its photo was taken. Sometimes this may resemble what the average human eye could see, and sometimes it won’t. Photography is a creative process and not always does a natural representation of a scene justice to the ‘feel’ of a fleeting moment. No software filters have been applied, Marijn advocates the use of creative techniques and/or filters in the field. Black and white images have been taken in color and have been transformed into B/W through the use of Adobe Photoshop or Nik Silver FX.


Biography Marijn Heuts: creative process

Marijn is a Nature Photo Portal blogger and his work is represented by Nature in Stock

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