Biography Kyle McDougall

I’m a full-time landscape photographer and filmmaker from Canada who has a passion for exploring and experiencing amazing places. My goal is to help educate and inspire others to embrace their own creative vision and produce their best work.

With training in both still photography and filmmaking, my career has taken me across North America from the wilds of Alaska to the shores of the East Coast working as both a cinematographer and photographer for television and print media.


Biography Kyle McDougall:Powerful qualities.

Powerful qualities

I believe that landscape images hold unique, powerful qualities. When I’m out creating new work, life is at its simplest… yet the closer I look the more intricate the wilderness becomes. It’s this development in personal vision that continues to grow my love for both nature and photography. With my images, I aim to showcase the spirit of the land in hopes that others can both connect and grow a deeper appreciation for the wilderness.

Individuality and creativity

To me, being a photographer is not about contests and winning awards or harping rules and criticism at each other. I believe that everyone has their own story to tell and that individuality and creativity are the two most important traits that need to be grown and embraced.


Biography Kyle McDougall: Passionate for a lifetime.

Passionate for a lifetime

Photography has taken me to some amazing places, pushed me outside of my comfort zone on numerous occasions, helped me develop a strong bond with the wilderness and introduced me to a community of like minded people who are excited about life. That in itself is enough to keep me motivated, curious and passionate for a lifetime.

When I’m not out exploring and shooting, I run the website Image And Rhythm where I write and teach about photography, creativity and inspiration.

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