Biography Judith Borremans

Little miracles of nature

I am Judith Borremans from Dordrecht, the Netherlands. I am a semi-professional nature photographer. I love being in nature and it’s great to photograph it.

Macro is my specialty and my favorites are the butterflies. I spend hours wandering in the beautiful early daylight in nature, with my macrolens trying to catch these and other little miracles of nature. The National Park The Biesbosch is almost my backyard.

Biography Judith Borremans: Hare's-foot clover

Biography Judith Borremans: Little miracles of nature

Catch the light

This year I started organizing workshops and daytrips. During those workshops I try to learn the participants to catch the light in their photos, how to photograph different and give them other useful ‘tips & tricks”.

My work is represented by photo agent Nature in Stock

Biography Judith Borremans: Poppies

Biography Judith Borremans


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