Biography Jarno van Bussel

Jarno’s (1994) interest in nature began at an early age. His mother was a guide in national park ‘De Groote Peel’. She was the one who learned him to experience nature. She was also the one from who he learned a lot in a great variety of subjects. From Mammals to small plants. At the age of 8 he became a member of a local nature association (IVN).  Four years later he bought his first compact camera. Nature photography became his passion. To take pictures was and still is his way to express himself. A way in which he can show society the world still can be an experience. In 2014 he won a scholarship called ‘Marius van der Sandt Beurs’.  A great way to develop and also meet and connect with minded people.


Biography Jarno van Bussel: way to express



Because his interest always was in nature, the topic choice was not difficult; nature. Through the nature association he became a member of the local birding group. Here he learned al lot of birds and their habitats. So a DLSR with telephotolens was soon in his possession. When the time passed he started photograph more than just birds. Now he photographs everything in nature.



In 2014 he got the opportunity to observe and photograph badgers. The first evening he was already lucky, six badgers appeared only a couple meters in front of him. That evening he fell in love with these amazing animals. Now he’s also a member of the badger group from Noord-Brabant (province) and visits regularly badger sites by day and night to observe them and their habitats and of course to photograph them. A photo-project existed out of this.


Biography Jarno van Bussel:



After almost 22 years living near national park ‘De Groote Peel’, he is moving. A whole other place in The Netherlands will be his new home, in the vicinity of the Dutch-big-city’s. Other nature-areas, other species, other nature; a new challenge!


A part of his work is represented on Nature in Stock.


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