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Hello out there, my name is Jan Dolfing. I am living in the eastern part of the Netherlands. As long as I can remember I have a passion about nature and animals. This passion for animals ended in becoming a veterinarian for small animals, but beside this great profession I am also trying to fulfil my other passion ; nature photography.



Biography Jan Dolfing: Nature photography


Nature photography

At least one day in the week I spent outdoor in nature, photographing everything that interests me. And most free evenings are spent at home behind the computer working on my photos, website, facebook or my own magazine. My mean working area is my home country, but the last couple of years I also go over the border to photograph nature. I like all kind of nature photography, landscape, animals, animals in its environment, macro, plants.



Biography Jan Dolfing: Inspiration



Like I got and still am inspired by some great nature photographers I hope that my images will inspire other people to look at nature at a different way. See how precious it is what we have and how careful we should treat the planet we live on. And this starts with the nature just around the corner. That is exactly where I take most of my images, just around the corner ! Showing how beautiful things can be which you pass every day without noticing the beauty of it.

I hope to inspire all of you nature lovers and nature photographers with my images and blogs on Nature Photo Portal.


Happy shooting



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