Biography Giannis Gogos

Self-taught photographer

I ‘m a self-taught photographer based in Alexandroupolis,Evros. My hometown is situated at the northeast part of Greece; more specifically in Thrace, a region with a rich history and culture.

From the very first months of occupying myself with photography, it became clear to me how comfortable I felt with nature themes. I also tried urban and architecture photography, with no success though. I feel calm and relaxed in nature. It is the only place I forget about my daily problems and stress. Maybe that is why I become more creative every time I am out there.

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Biography Giannis Gogos: Self-taught photographer


Try to be as creative as possible

As time passes by, my style in photography becomes more intimate. I have overcome the stage of plain photography of things and places I simply like and try to be as creative as possible. I feel the need to create images of nature not simply as I see them, but also as I feel and imagine them.

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Biography Giannis Gogos: Try to be as creative as possible


Respect towards nature

From 2008 to this day, my fascination with photography remains undiminished. This pastime got something out of me I did not have before; respect towards nature and love for my hometown.


Biography Giannis Gogos: Respect towards nature


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