Biography Dick Hoogenboom

Naturephotography, my great dream

Born in1958 at a small village called Roelofarendsveen near the city of Leiden my first touch of nature was when I started fishing at the age of 8 years old. My uncle took me out fishing nearly every weekend till I was 16. During this fishing I wandered the birds and other nature around me. It was then that I started asking my parents for a camera to catch these birds and mammals on film. They didn’t share my opinion because they find my education more important… and I then decided to work, in my free hours after school and weekends, to buy it myself. I stopped fishing when I was 18 and started working.

Bonelli's Eagle (Hieraaetus fasciatus) protecting its prey

Biography Dick Hoogenboom: Naturephotography, my great dream

Allround photographer

After my military service time I started working as a flower buyer and from my first salary I bought a Praktica camera with several lenses. In the hours after work I started to do several photography courses. Slowly but certain I got to my great dream; Naturephotography. That was what I always wanted to do!! As a partly self-made photographer I enjoyed several photo clubs and when I approved myself I became a member of the Dutch Nature photographers Guild ( NFG ). In this guild the top 50 nature-photographers of the Netherlands come together monthly to discuss each other’s work. I call myself an allround photographer, but birds I like the most.

Early in the morning I found this butterfly, full with dew, on the Cornflower

Biography Dick Hoogenboom: allround photographer

At this moment I work together with my wife, who’s a keen nature photographer too, and we are traveling mostly thru Western and Northern Europe to “catch”  all the beautiful nature there. We make audiovisuals from our trips and sell postcards and calendars in our local bookstore and on our website. Since April 2014, we give photo-courses/workshops for starting photographers. Nature in Stock is our agent that sells our work.


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