Biography Daniel Montero

Daniel Montero (1966). I live in Gran Canaria island (Canary Islands, Spain). PhD. In marine sciences working at University of Las Palmas.

When I was a child I paid attention to the cameras around me. I had a small camera as a gift from my father, and I took photography other than those typical from family social events. I remember a photo I took of some treetops. My parents rebuked me because all photos had an economic cost in those years. Today my parents love all my photography. They still keep that photo of the treetops.

However, it was when I became a SCUBA diver when I gained interest for nature photography. Curiously, and contrary to others, I started with underwater photography and moved to “terrestrial” photography with time.

Nature_Photo_Portal_Daniel_Montero_ When the ocean turns into blue fire

Biography Daniel Montero: The logic of light

Logic of light

My main interest is in the logic of light within a whole landscape. In my opinion, to understand the light distribution and the evolution of light in time through a landscape, allows to know how to wait the ideal moment in a specific place. Besides, it also allows imagine how the prefect light moment will be under different climate situations. This is a valuable tool to understand the evolution of light in a new place, not previously visited, in which we must administrate time (i.e. in case of travel photography).

Observation and analysis

Since my job is research, to me nature photography means an important counterpoint of strict scientific and unlimited creative minds. The equilibrium between them is possible through two common points: observation and analysis of what I’m seeing.

Nature_Photo_Portal_Daniel_Montero_ Ocean of clouds

Biography Daniel Montero: “New-photorealism”


My photography goes far away from the pure “new-photorealism” – almost academicism-, from that documentary photography straitjacketed in rules and standards. I try to use the light in combination with forms and shapes to obtain (or even to try to obtain) those unique moments and those abstract images that nature is offering here and there continuously. It is important to remember that “less is more” in nature photography.

I have some highly commended photography within international photo contest, such as GDT (2), Asferico, MML and Siena photo contest,. I have also published photos in several magazines, including GEO (german version), Nat. Geographic travel (Spanish version) and some books, pinting out the book as member of called “Natura, regards créatifs sur la nature” (in French)

Check Daniel’s portfolio in SHOWCASE or Daniel’s website / FB / PN

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