Biography Celso Alvarez

Interest in photography

My name is Celso Alvarez and I am really lucky to live in the heart of a natural paradise like Asturias (Northern Spain) and as I’m retired i have plenty of time to enjoy Nature and photography, my two big hobbies. My interest in photography started doing trekking in the mountains; I felt that I had the need to photograph all those mountains where I used to walk.

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Biography Celso Alvarez ; Interest in photography


Wild Brown bear

When I saw for my very first time a wild brown bear was also another important and influential moment. That was something that showed me the way to spend my free time in nature photography as much as possible and to start improving the basic equipment I had those days. The area where I live is now the largest concentration of the last wild Spanish brown bears.

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Biography Celso Alvarez ; Wild Brown bear


Improving every day

Lately I´m practicing some bird photography, many hours dedicated to the beautiful and shy Black woodpecker. And sometimes I do some macro too. Nowadays I am lucky to have professional photo equipment, but my knowledge about photography does not go beyond an average amateur, nevertheless thanks to some good friends I am improving every day.

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Biography Celso Alvarez ; Improving every day

I am a member of AFONAS, AEFONA, LOBO MARLEY and the Foundation for the Conservation of the Bearded Vulture. But above all, what I really love is helping to keep and take care of the wildlife around us.



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