Biography Bas Meelker

Bas  is a well known Dutch landscape photographer from Groningen. Bas spent most of his life in the north of the Netherlands. In this flat, open landscape, where light and air still have free play, the foundation was laid for his passion for landscape photography. With a background in Internet marketing & sales and a successful private company in designing web sites,  a successful future in the business world looked like be in the offing.

Two geese flying by on a foggy autumn morning reflecting their shadows on the water surface.

Biography Bas Meelker

Unexpected turn

However, in 2002 his career took an unexpected turn, when he first came into contact with photography. Using photography Bas found a way to communicate his personal passion and vision of natural light and landscapes. He quickly established himself as a successful landscape photographer. Nowadays Bass is widely recognized as one of the leading Dutch landscape photographers and he works as a full-time professional landscape photographer.

Dramatic impact

His work is internationally renowned for its dramatic impact, a combination of intense colors and compositions. Among his customers are renowned brands such as National Geographic, Canon, ANWB and several well-known advertising and communication companies. His work has regularly appeared in books, magazines, newspapers and internet media. Bas was interviewed by almost every Dutch nature – and photography magazine as well as several international media such as the Canon Professional Services website.

A dramatic colorful sunset near Lauwersoog with the tide retreating

Biography Bas Meelker


As a speaker Bas gives regular presentations throughout the Netherlands and abroad. He knows how to captivate his audience with inspiring visuals and his passion. Bas’ workshops known as fascinating and instructive, with the sharing of knowledge in an inspiring environment is central. His workshops are highly regarded nationally and internationally and are usually quickly booked.

First book

As a writer, Bas in 2011 published his first book on landscape photography and he makes a regular contribution to the national and international photography magazines. His articles have been published by leading magazines such as National Geographic, Practical Photography, Camera Magazine and CanonOne Magazine. Bas also provides a regular contributor to the Dutch Canon official Facebook page and as a Canon large format printing ambassador.

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