Biography Bart Stornebrink

Hi my name is Bart Stornebrink. Nice to meet you here. I was born in The Netherlands on march 18, 1959. I am the father of Nina en Milan. For more then 25 years I have been professionaly active as a marcom advisor, photographer, copywriter and art director.

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Biography Bart Stornebrink: Emotion is the key factor

Emotion is the key factor

I’m a photographer as long as I can remember. Photography is my way to discover the world. Every day. In my advertising work I use the image in a strategic way. The picture has to sell the product. In my free work I use the picture to tell a story. In both ways emotion is the key factor. But above all; enjoying the moment even when it only takes a blink of an eye, or just the speed of a shutter.

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Biography Bart Stornebrink: Artistic touch

Artistic touch

I see myself as an all round nature photographer. So I appriciate landscapes, flowers, insects, butterflies, birds and mammels. I am specialised in the old fashioned raw photography with an artistic touch.


Biography Bart Stornebrink: Teach photography

Teach photography

To earn a living in photography I organise phototrips around the world, do workshops with various themes, lease some photohides, sell my pictures through Buiten-Beeld and teach photography at several education centers. And I am the proud co-founder of KidzKlix, an organisation that teaches small children the love of nature through nature photography.


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