Memorial Felix Nature Photo Contest

I Memorial Felix Rodriguez De La Fuente – 2016

Nature Photography

‘MEMORIAL FELIX’ – Nature Photo Contest
Over 7.000Eur in Awards – Participation Online
Deadline – until May 22, 2016

Photo Contest Felix De La Fuente

Photo Contest Felix De La Fuente

Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente Foundation (FFRF), together with the ornithological fair MADbird Fair and technology platform Pixall, pay tribute this year to the naturalist Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente with a grand prize of Nature Photography endowed with 7,000 Euros in awards. This call coincides with the 36th anniversary of the death of the famous naturalist, which occurred on March 14, 1980, and aims to recognize the efforts of many nature photographers to convey to citizens the importance of wildlife.

It is a unique photography contest in our country, with 6 thematic categories and a jury that will count on renowned photographers as Markus Varesvuo, Oriol Alamany, Albert Masó, Andres Miguel Dominguez and Mario Suarez among others.

Deadline is May 22 and registration of photographs to the contest is already open. In June 6 it will be announced the jury’s decision and five days later in June 11th, the closing and awards ceremony will take place in the Auditorium of La Caixa Foundation (Paseo del Prado, 36 – Madrid), within the context of the MADbird fair Madrid.

Categories include: A- General Wildlife / B- Birds World / C- Small Worlds / D- Natural Landscapes / E- Art and Nature / F- Nature Stories.

Organizers believe that Nature Photography is one of the best vehicles for the dissemination of the richness and beauty of the natural treasures as well as awareness of the need for its protection and conservation. Nature art works that entail great efforts for their achievement, but help unequivocally for the awareness of the importance of reestablishing a constructive and sustainable relationship with the environment.

The ‘FELIX AWARD’ for the overall winner is endowed with 1.800Eur. Another 500EUR will award the winner of each category, as well as lots of interesting prizes for the gallery of honor ‘Memorial Felix’. Also the contest will offer two Special Accesits of a special uniqueness:

Accésit ‘EL PIRATA DE LA ESPESURA’ – April 15


Memorial Felix has the stamp ‘AEFONA Recommended’ as a guarantee of the rights of the photographers and thereby making prevail respect for the nature of any activity in the natural environment, through the Ethics Code issued by the Spanish Association Nature Photographers (AEFONA).

The Nature Photographers Association of Madrid (FONAMAD), also collaborates in this edition of the Memorial Felix, providing educational materials nature photography as part of contest prizes.

The participation of photographers help to keep projects Felix Rodriguez De La Fuente Foundation. Projects that are carried out by people who are passionate about the figure of Felix and convinced of the importance of conveying that passion to the whole society.

Photo Contest Felix De La Fuente

Photo Contest Felix De La Fuente

The contest rules and all information about ‘Memorial Felix’ are available on the competition website: