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… in the Fritz Pölking Prize and the Fritz Pölking Junior Prize 2017!

This contest is open for photographers from all over the world.

Closing date is 1 March 2017
In recognition of GDT founder member Fritz Pölking, who died in 2007, Tecklenborg publishing house in cooperation with the GDT annually presents the Fritz Pölking Prize and Fritz Pölking Junior Prize within the context of the GDTEWPY competition. These prizes will be awarded for extraordinary work in the field of wildlife photography. This may either be a unique wildlife photography project or a portfolio of individual photographs. Judgement will focus on photographic performance as well as the overall conception, idea and creative execution.
Find more information about the competition on our website.
We look forward to receiving your images!


Featured image:

Quentin Martinez wins with a portfolio about the unexpected world in French-Guiana, Borneo and France

GDT EWPY 2016, Fritz Pölking Junior Prize, Quentin Martinez

GDT EWPY 2016, Fritz Pölking Junior Prize, Quentin Martinez


Results of the 2016 competition 


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