Instruction Manual: How to use Nature Photo Portal

Instruction manual for using Nature Photo Portal: The Resource & Community for nature photographers. Check Blog, Showcase, Wiki & Info! Nature Photo Portal is a global resource and community for nature photographers of all levels and specialties. It’s about nature photography and wants to give you information and inspiration.


Our homepage is separated in 4 main sections:

  1. Grid 1 of 5 posts is about Tips, Tricks, Techniques & Tutorials
  2. Slider of 5 posts is about Nature Photo Portal
  3. Grid 2 of 5 posts is about Post production, Equipment & Resources
  4. Grid 3 of 5 posts is about Photographers, Photo’s & Stories
  5. On the homepage of Nature Photo Portal you can find the latest posts.

Further more we have 4 sections: Blog, Showcase, Wiki & Info:


In the blog section you can find all kinds of news, tips, tricks, tutorials, nature photo contests, nature photo books etc.


In showcase you can find portfolios of fellow nature photographers to inspire. In the near future you also can find photos per category, per area, per color, per country, per nature reserve or destination.


In wiki you can find all kinds of information about photographers, workshops, trips, accessories, cameras, lenses, photo hides, photography ABC etc. We start with the biographies of our bloggers and readers. Stay tuned for more!


In info you’ll find information about Nature Photo Portal like Contact information, Terms of use, Privacy policy, Advertising and Meet the team. In the future we’ll add our knowledge base for a summary of each category of nature photography like bird photography, macro photography, landscape photography, wildlife photography, underwater photography etc.

We are a resource and community for and by nature photographers so we like to show your work in our showcase and maybe your blogs aswell. Nature Photo Portal is for all levels and specialties of nature photography, so don’t hesitate to join us!

For more information ask Jurgen:



Instruction Manual: How to use Nature Photo Portal


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