Rondane  the home of giants

In September this year I tried to capture some great photographs of Rondane in Norway. I was going there to experience the incoming fall. The landscape and scenery in Rondane at fall was amazing and I got som really nice days and nights with mountains, streams and fall color on birches.


Rondane the home of giants

Home of giants and landscape photographers

Rondane in Norway really is the home of giants. That is written in old folktales and myths. In this area of Norway there is a lot of mountains with a mystical aura, worth a visit, for example Jotunheimen and Dovrefjell. The giants, trolls and other creatures are always represented in the myths and gives the place character.


Rondane the home of giants and landscape photographers

Rondane is also the home for landscape photographers. Every year it attracts many visitors to see the beautiful scenery with mountains, streams and mountain ponds. But not everyone who visit Rondane is photographers. There is also a lot of hikers in the summer and a lot of skiers in the winter.

When I visited Rondane this year in september I arrived from Blaesterdalen and continued my way to Dørålen where I did spend six days in the landscape scenery. Rondane is beautiful in autum with rich colors in the birches and often dramatic wheather and skies. If you are lucky you can also experience the first snowfall in september. This time when I visited the mountains there was no snow falling. However on the top of the mountains, where the giants lives, there was snow.


Rondane the home of giants: Dramatic wheather and skies

The creative challenge of capture Rondane

There is a lot of photographs of Rondane on the Internet and on social media as well as in books. You may say that there is nothing new to photograph in Rondane or in other heavely photographed areas but I think there is. You will have to make your research before your travel begins.

Choose where you want to photograph on your map and look at as many photographs from the area that you can. Then try to think about how you can do a different image of mountains, stream and trees. To make special and personal images from a landscape like Rondane is very hard, but you must try to look at the challenge in a creative way more than in a strictly documentary way I think.


Rondane the home of giants: The creative challenge

Rondane is famous for its beautiful autum colors in September and parts of October. The ground with mosses and lichens change colors to red, orange and brown. The birches explodes in yellow. On the top of the mountains the snow lies like silk and the overall atmosphere is fantastic. If I succeeded to create somewhat special images of Rondane with my own personal touch between fantasy and realite remains for you to deside. With me home I had a lot of photohraphs but only a few that I thought was special enough to show for a wider public.

The moose

My best memory from Rondane this year is my meeting with a lonely moose. In my days as a nature photographer I have seen and photograph mooses before in a agriculture landscape but nothing like this one because of the special environment. It almost felt like the perfect way to see and photograph the moose framed in a landscape with big mountains and fall colors. It was as if the moose and the nature was one and it felt so genuine and natural to see the elk in this environment.

Maybe it was not the best photograph from my days visiting Rondane, but for me the most special one.


Rondane the home of giants: The moose

Have you visited Rondane anytime? And what is your thoughts about the special landscape scenery?


Rondane the home of giants: Visit Norway!


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