Winners Nature Talks Photo Contest 2016 announced!

First edition

The first edition of  Nature Talks Photo Contest was a huge succes with thousands of entries from 34 countries all over the world.


Nature Talks Photo Contest is a “side kick” of Nature Talks Photo Festival, also the first edition with masters like Steve Winter (USA), Brian Skerry (USA), both National Geographic, Sergey Gorshkov (RUS), Jari Peltomäki (FIN), Will Burrard Lucas (UK), Ole Jørgen Liodden (NOR), David Maitland (UK), Benny Rebel (IRN/DE), Bart Heirweg (BEL), Jan Vermeer (NL), David Pattyn (BEL) and many more.


Nature Talks Photo Contest  is a contest with several categories as Birds, Mammals, Other animals, Plants & fungi, Landscape, Underwater, Nature art, Man & nature, Black & white and Youth 10-17 years. The contest is a yearly event and the 2017 edition will start soon, so stay tuned at Nature Photo Portal and / or Nature Talks Photo Contest.

The contest is for every nature photographer around the globe and they have prizes worth € 25.000,00 mostly cash money prizes.


The jury of the 2016 edition consisted of Steve Winter (USA), Ole Jørgen Linden (NO), Jan Vermeer (NL), Andrew George (NL) and David Pattyn (BEL).

Overall winner

Overall winner in 2016 is Marcio Cabral from Brazil with his fantastic “Paepalanthus Wildflower”. See post image or below this post.


Winner category Birds


Jonathan Loir, Too close


Winner category Mammals

10-C2_In_The_Footsteps_Of_Giants Sarah Skinner

Sarah Skinner, In The Footsteps Of Giants


Winner category Other animals

15-C3 Bioluminescence Marcio Cabral

Marcio Cabral, Bioluminescence


Winner category Plants & fungi

Overall winner Marcio Cabral Paepalanthus Wildflower

Marcio Cabral Paepalanthus Wildflower


Winner category Landscape

25-C5_The_marble_palace_Theo Bosboom

Theo Bosboom, The marble palace


Winner category Underwater

30-C6 In to the Air Filip Staes

Filip Staes, In to the Air


Winner category Nature art

35-C7 Fairy Bastien Riu

Bastien Riu, Fairy


Winner category Man & nature

40-C8 Sweet Home Juan Jesus Gonzalez Ahumada

Juan Jesus Gonzalez Ahumada, Sweet Home


Winner category Black & White

45-C9 Bat Dimas Serneguet Belda

Dimas Serneguet Belda, Bat


Winner category Youth 10-17


Rohan-Joshi, Fishing in chaos


Overall winner Nature Talks Photo Contest 2016

Overall winner Marcio Cabral Paepalanthus Wildflower

Marcio Cabral, Paepalanthus Wildflower