GDT Nature Photographer of the Year 2015

Members’ competition of the Society of German Nature Photographers (GDT)

During their annual general meeting last weekend the Society of German Nature Photographers (Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen – GDT) selected the GDT Nature Photographer of the Year 2015. Overall winner is Klaus Tamm from Wuppertal, Germany with an image of a marsh gladiolus in the Italian region of Tuscany. This makes a plant image the overall winner only for the second time in over 40 years .


“It was an evening in June in Tuscany. During an evening stroll I discovered a few lizard orchids in bloom by the wayside. I had never seen these fragile orchids before.  As it was quite late, I only took a couple of shots and decided to return the next day in better light conditions. To my great surprise, wild boars had obviously dug up and eaten the orchids’ bulbs during the night. And so I noticed another subject on the opposite side of the path. The marsh gladiolus was to be a lovely substitute for the lizard orchids. I was deeply impressed by the wonderful colours that came out in this photograph.”

In Germany the marsh gladiolus is threatened with extinction in many areas and as such is protected by law. It is an indicator plant for wet, limy soil. In medieval times the plant was said to ward off evil and knights put it under their armour to make them invulnerable. A fact that is still reflected in its German name Sumpf-Siegwurz.

Klaus Tamm

Since his teenage years, when Klaus Tamm first got his hands on a reflex camera, he has made it his cause to raise people’s awareness for nature. He intends to create artistic images that make the viewer pause and look. His photo travels have led him to remote places in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria, Romania and Spain, but also to South Africa, South America and the Falkland Islands.

Klaus has won numerous awards at GDT and BBC.

Marsh Gladiolus

With his images “Marsh Gladiolus” Klaus Tamm came out on top in a field of 242 GDT members from seven countries.  A total of 4,000 images was submitted. After pre-selection by a jury (Antje Kreienbrink, Joachim Wimmer and Karsten Mosebach), members made their choice at the weekend from ten images in each of the seven categories: Birds, Mammals, Other Animals, Plants & Fungi, Landscapes, Nature’s Studio, and this year’s special category Emotions.


The photographs of this competition will be exhibited 14 May until the end of September at the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) in Bonn, Germany.   The exhibition will be opened in a preview on 13 May at 5 p.m.


Every year this competition is exclusively run for the Society’s members (unlike the competition GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year which is open to all photographers resident in Europe).

As usual, a selection of the winning images will also be shown at the GDT International Nature Photography Festival running October 23 to October 25, 2015.  You can view all awarded images at


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