Inspired by a single tree: Different approach


Inspired by a single tree: Different approach


When I was asked to publish my first post for the blog, it was really difficult for me to resist the temptation to write about trees. For those who know me, trees have been a big source of inspiration for a very long time. But I did my best, I did resist! And I decided that, indeed, trees being my favorites, I was not going to let myself drift into such an easy task. As a consequence I decided that, maybe, it was time to restrain and write about… just one tree : that just one single tree ; the one standing just outside my home ; the one I see when I look outside my bedroom window. My Facebook “friends” will smile, as they will immediately recognize that recurring little insignificant subject on my Timeline, my “Window-view series”.

A common subject

In my journey through photography, I have seen amazingly creative images by other photographers, images which have that special “WOW-impact”. Most of them show faraway places, and their subjects thrive in originality, beauty and never-seen-ness. But how about where we live, where we love to be? How about our everyday places? Is there beauty and emotion in what our eyes do not even notice any more? Can something that is so common become the necessary ingredient to create a powerful image?

Window-view series

To think about it, however, I think that the tree itself was just an excuse. Was it just the tree or was there something else about it, something which made me start the series in the first place? The question includes the answer: when you look at it more closely, the only thing that does not change throughout the series is the tree but, what changes IS what everything is all about. The reason why I started looking through the window was not the tree but the weather conditions at a particular time – be it the rain, the wind, the snow or an astounding storm. What really inspired me back then, and even now, were the dramatic and overpowering forces of nature that expressed themselves through the sky, the clouds, the light and the atmosphere. The tree was just grounding them; the tree was just the link between nature and me. My imagination and my camera did the rest. I was changing the ephemeral into something that would last longer.

Landscape_photography-Nature_Photo_Portal-Kristel_Schneider-Inspired_by_a_single_tree_2       Landscape_photography-Nature_Photo_Portal-Kristel_Schneider-Inspired_by_a_single_tree_10

Landscape_photography-Nature_Photo_Portal-Kristel_Schneider-Inspired_by_a_single_tree_12        Landscape_photography-Nature_Photo_Portal-Kristel_Schneider-Inspired_by_a_single_tree_6


Had I just focused on the tree itself, it would have resulted in taking a tree throughout the seasons. This has been done by many photographers of different talents. The results are charming and appealing indeed, but not always. And that was not my goal. The truth is, I find it difficult to take just one type of tree image over and over again. I have noticed that over the last couple of years I have liked to experiment more, in order to translate my own personal feelings about nature into an image, by playing with light and depth of field. It all depends on my personal mood of the moment and on the way I think a certain nature scene comes out best. Sometimes it can be a very realistic translation, but captured immediately, on impulse. Or, there are other moments when I think the light is perfect for a more abstract and creative cadre.


My approach is always different and varies according to what is at hand. When I adopt a realistic approach, I do a pure registration of the scene and create a mood with natural light and elements that are there at that particular time. In a more abstract approach, I play with the natural elements (light, wind, snow falling) or with Intentional Camera Movement technique. Finally, in a more graphical approach of the tree, I do not only just use natural light but work on the tree itself too (I capture it as a silhouette for example) or I use two color tones.


Landscape_photography-Nature_Photo_Portal-Kristel_Schneider-Inspired_by_a_single_tree_5        Landscape_photography-Nature_Photo_Portal-Kristel_Schneider-Inspired_by_a_single_tree_1

 Landscape_photography-Nature_Photo_Portal-Kristel_Schneider-Inspired_by_a_single_tree_7       Landscape_photography-Nature_Photo_Portal-Kristel-Schneider-Inspired_by_a_single_tree_4

Window view 07072015





To put it in a nutshell, in my journey through photography I have come to the conclusion that travelling was not a prerequisite. There are endless subjects close to home that can make the eye wander (and wonder) and invite the viewer to experience a real change of scenery.

(Text and Images by Kristel Schneider, adapted by Fabienne Rousseau)

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8 Responses

  1. NPP_Blogger

    I really like the pictures in this blogpost Kristel. I can see that you really has a thought behind the images in the post and for me it is quality! The tree is an important object for the image but not central. I think what you describe in the text, that different kind of wheather is what really is in focus. And I like it!

    We have some simular thoughts about nature photography close at home. I also like to travel to new places but I also create nature images at home. I think that is what make a good nature photographer. They can create good pictures in all types of situations and environments.

    Great first blogpost!

    //Niklas Virsén

  2. boom beach hack

    Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be bookmarking
    and checking back often!

  3. Kyle McDougall

    Such a great series of images Kristel! I couldn’t agree more with your post. There are so many images waiting to be found everywhere, they just need to be uncovered. As photographers, there is certainly always a temptation to travel far and wide, but this series really shows how much magic is in our backyard!

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